Product Description

  • SIZE Runs up to two (2) showers simultaneously. NRC661 heats water on demand, so no storage or shortage of hot water!
  • EFFICIENCY NRC661 has up to 93% efficiency that is good for both the environment and your pocket.
  • SAVE SPACE Smaller than a carry-on luggage, the NRC661 saves valuable floor space.
  • LONG LIFESPAN Built with precision quality, the NRC661 can last up to 15 years. Almost double what a typical tank type heater lasts
  • CLEAN WATER Your bathing water is not stored in rusty scale; since there is no storage. It is available when you need it – clean & fresh.
  • 1/2″ GAS LINE Cut installation times in half by not having to replace the existing gas line. (Must ensure lines are sized correctly based on National Fuel Code.)
  • TECH DATA SHEET INSIDE Located inside the front cover, it gives the servicing contractor all the necessary information needed to trouble shoot.
  • MINIMUM FIRE BTU Min. gas input of only 15,000 BTUh. Perfect for warm weather climates to be able to receive warm incoming water.
  • 3″ PVC Provides the highest efficiencies. Saves time. Saves money.
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY Assists in trouble- shooting by indicating flow rates, temperature and common error codes.


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